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Perfect for the youngest globe-trotters, but enjoyable for all-ages of family fun!


tootandpuddleToot & Puddle by Holly Hobbie is the charming tale of best friends Toot & Puddle who live together in Woodcock Pocket.  Puddle is a homebody, but Toot wants to explore the world.  So for one calendar year the reader discovers what Toot is doing on his travels through postcards sent home to Puddle.  Equally enthralling are the antics Puddle gets up to right at home, delightfully proving that no matter where you are there is adventure and fun to be found. A Paperback Pigeon All-Time Favorite!

Trip It: On your next vacation send yourself postcards of your adventures.  Don’t forget to mail them on your trip so they’ll have the postmark of your vacation spot!  Create a collection to look back on of all your travel experiences!

Click It: Check out the Toot & Puddle page on National Geographic for printables, games, and more on the TV show on Nick Jr.

Do It: Make a list of your favorite things to do at home for each month of the year.  Commit to revisiting old traditions year after year or try something new each month and create new adventures without leaving home.


themuseum    The Museum by Susan Verde is an ideal way to introduce any child to the wonders that await when you visit the art museum.   A young girl travels through the museum encountering inspiring works of art that are delightfully interpreted by illustrator Peter H. Reynolds.  Contradicting the “traditional” view of art museums as dull and unwelcoming to children, The Museum invites children to investigate and interpret art on their terms.  It opens the door for creativity and inspiration, as well as fostering art appreciation.

Trip It:  Any local art museum or gallery, National Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Metropolitan Museum of Art and/or MOMA, New York, NY; National Gallery, Oslo, Norway; Rodin Museum, Paris, France; Tate Modern, London, England

Click It: Look up the original works of art interpreted in the illustrations or research the artists!

Do It: Create your own artwork at home using a variety of media – pencils, crayons, markers, paint, watercolors, clay, recyclables. Recreate from the images in the book, the original works of art, or simply open it up to the unlimited creativity of your imagination.

globalThis Is the World: A Global Treasury This collection of abridged versions of the classic children’s travel series by Miroslav Sasek is a perfect introduction to the world’s greatest locations.  While staying true to the integrity of the original stories first published in the 1960’s, these delightful tours highlight iconic locales for a whole new generation.  Enjoy excerpts from Sasek’s This is New York, Paris, Greece, London, Texas, Australia, Munich, Rome, Britain, Hong Kong, Israel, San Francisco, Edinburgh, Washington, D.C.,  Ireland and Venice.

Trip It: Hop on a plane, catch a train, or road-trip by car to one of the locations that Sasek visits.  Before you go make sure to get the full length version of “This Is” to get a more in-depth perspective on where you are going.

Click It: An actual get-away not in the plan?  Take a virtual trip by researching a favorite location.  See photos of tourist spots, investigate the weather, wildlife and culture.  Plan a meal based on location, listen to music, or try a few words in another language!

Do It: Create your own “This Is” story for your own town.  Make a list of important places and take photos or draw pictures of them to make a book that describes what is special about where you live.

librarylionLibrary Lion by Michelle Knudsen is a charming tale of a special lion who comes to the library and is allowed to stay as long as he follows the rules.  He soon becomes an indispensable helper to the head librarian and a welcome presence in the library.  But when he breaks a rule everyone at the library learns a lesson that sometimes rules need to be broken to help a friend.

Trip It:  The New York Public Library branch on 5th Avenue & 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY is the home to two lion sculptures that welcome visitors.  Their names are Patience & Fortitude and have become the symbol of the New York Public Library System.

Do It: Visit your own public library branch to attend storytime.


balloonmet You Can’t Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman & Robin Preiss Glasser, follows a young girl and her  grandmother on a visit to the museum.  The girl must leave her balloon outside during the visit, and when it gets loose it travels across Manhattan.  Set in parallel storytelling, and told through entirely through illustrations, this book highlights beautiful artwork as well as the sights of New York City.

Trip It:  Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, NY

Click It: Look up the original works of art interpreted in the illustrations or research the artists!

Do It: Create your own story about taking a balloon somewhere it doesn’t belong in your town.  Illustrate your story using crayons, markers, photographs, magazine pictures or any media that would tell the tale of your balloon!


isabella on the goIsabella: Girl on the Go by Jennifer Fosberry.    Isabella has big personality – and an equally big imagination!  Every day is an adventure and the world is at her fingertips – because with a little creativity Isabella can go anywhere.  Her sandbox becomes the Egyptian dessert, her backyard fence the Great Wall of China.  Nothing is going to hold Isabella back, as long as she can end her day in her favorite place of all, home.

Trip It: Visit your local library to discover picture books about the fabulous places Isabella visits

Click It: Look up the locations in the book – from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty.

Do It: Create a list of exciting places to visit then make imaginary versions! Create a fort under the dining room table to be your Mt. Everest Climb Team base camp, or set up a painting studio in the backyard like Monet’s garden.  There are no limits with imagination.

More: Isabella is at it again – this time using her imagination to enter her favorite stories in Isabella: Star of the Story. Follow up with a Trip It visit to your local library or Do It and write your own adventure where you jump into a favorite book!   Want more Isabella?  Check out My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? in which Isabella decides not to be Isabella, she’d rather be an amazing astronaut named Sally, or Elizabeth the doctor, or Mommy, the best mother in the world.  As Isabella tries on different personalities young readers are introduced to amazing female trailblazers – but in the end Isabella just wants to be Isabella, because she knows she can be anything she wants to be.   Follow up with a Click It session to research Rosa Parks or Marie Curie, or any of the remarkable women Isabella admires.




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