Mom’s Bookshelf- Hotels

Grown-up reads that bring the world to you!

Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality by Jacob Tomsky is a memoir of more than a decade spent working at almost every level in the hotel industry.  This is a bheadsinbedsehind-the-scenes look at what really happens after you check-in.  A candid, often humorous take on the less glamorous side of a luxury service industry.  Tomsky also dishes the secrets to getting what you really want from your stay – from late checkout to free stuff.  This is a perfect adult complement for when your kids are reading about mice and motorcycles, families living in elevators and hotels full of magic from the post Checking-In.

Hothotelparadiseel Paradise (Emma Graham Mysteries) by Martha Grimes introduces the world of precocious 12-year old Emma, a little girl who waits tables in her family hotel, sadly well past its prime.   40 years ago in this small town another young girl drowned and Emma’s fascination with discovering the details of this event introduces colorful characters as Emma gets the townspeople to open up about the past.  YA    For kids books set in hotels check out the post Checking-In.

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