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beautiful ruinsBeautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is the tale of Pasquale, an innkeeper in an almost forgotten town on the Italian coast, a starlet, a movie director, and a secret.  In 1962, Pasquale is forever changed by a hotel guest and the drama that follows spans 50 years and travels from the sun drenched Ligurian coast to palm tree lined Hollywood.  This is a compelling page turner! Check out kids reads  set in Italy.

weddingofficerThe Wedding Officer is Captain James Gould, a British officer assigned to Naples late in WWII.  His position in Anthony Capella’s historic novel is to discourage British soldiers from marrying Italian girls.  However, Gould’s will is tested when he hires Livia Pertini, a young Italian war widow, to cook for his staff.  Through her amazing meals she wins over the young officer, but in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius there is always danger lurking, and their relationship is tested.  Be prepared to give in to the urge to enjoy Italian food when you are reading this amazing novel that brings post-war Italy to life.

undertuscansunUnder the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy, a memoir by Frances Mayes, tells the story of her purchase, renovation, and habitation of an empty villa in Tuscany.  Here she recounts her journey of discovery, and the subsequent joy found in living in the Italian countryside.  Interacting with the locals, cooking and eating, and living in her new home guide her to redefining her life.   Click here for great kids books that take place in Italy.

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