Washington DC

 Monuments, The Mall, Museums, and More!  The United States capital city has history, national parks, art and government to make every visit full of adventure and fun.

goodnightwashingtondcGood Night Washington, DC by Adam Gamble – Part of the Goodnight Our World Series, this charming board book highlights all the iconic sights in Washington, DC beginning on a springtime morning and moving through the day and year.

madelinewhitehouseMadeline at the White House by John Bemelmans Marciano – Madeline and the girls are on a visit to the White House for the annual Easter egg hunt where they meet the President’s daughter and explore the city together.


keenafordfieldtripKeena Ford and the Field Trip Mix-Up by Melissa Thomson – 2nd Grader Keena lives in Washington, DC and is thrilled to be visiting the US Capitol and meet a real member of the House of Representatives!  Unfortunately classmate Tiffany seems to be ruining Keena’s plans, and things aren’t going her way.  Keena leans to take responsibility for her actions, how to deal with Tiffany, and aims to be a representative of her schools student council.  Charmingly told in journal format that is ideal for early reader success.  (ER-1/2)

flatstanelycapitolcommotionFlat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures #9: The US Capital Commotion by Jeff Brown – Stanley is in Washington, DC to receive a special award.  Unfortunately Stanley gets separated from his family and finds himself touring the monuments that are all over the city.  But is he being followed?  And will he make his way back in time for the ceremony?

capturetheflagCapture the Flagby Kate Messer – Forced together when a freak storm prevents flights from leaving Washington, DC’s Reagan International Airport, Anna, Jose and Henry discover they are at the heart of the heist of a national treasure, the original Star-Spangled Banner stolen from the National Museum of American History.   Nefarious characters are at every turn, and every clue discovered puts them in more danger and brings them closer to the truth. (MR-4/6)

whenaudreymetaliceWhen Audrey Met Alice by Rebecca Behrens – Audrey Rose isn’t finding things easy as the President’s daughter.  Living in the White House isn’t quite what she expected it to be and no one understands what it is like to be the First Daughter!  Everything changes when Audrey finds the hidden diary of Alice Roosevelt – suddenly she doesn’t feel so alone.  Audrey discovers she might have a lot to learn from this girl who lived in the White House over 100 years ago. (MR-4/6)

QwhitehouseI, Q – The White  House24 hours in Washington, DC at the home of the President.   Q and Angela are ready to take on the next step in destroying the terrorist cell that threatened them in Philadelphia and discover more about Angela’s mother.  The intrigue and mystery gets more exciting, but so does the danger! (MR-5/6)

*This is the second book in the I,Q series. PBP recommends reading the first book, I,Q -Independence Hall to discover how it all started before tackling The White House.* 




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