Ancient history and modern mysteries!  Explore tombs and treasures as you journey down the Nile.

sailingnileWe’re Sailing Down the Nile: A Journey though Egypt by Laurie Krebs & Anne Wilson – “Climb aboard the riverboat! We’re sailing down the Nile.”  And so begins a journey through Egypt where the earliest readers can encounter the Valley of the Kings, Oasis and the city of Cairo.  The rhyming, repetitive text is easy to follow yet filled with details that capture the essence of Egypt.  Informational text at the end of the story provides additional depth for interested readers.  This book is published by Barefoot Books, who bring really great quality multicultural stories to young readers!  A Pigeon Favorite.  PB

Bilbillandpetenilel and Pete Go Down the Nile by Tomie dePaola – Bill the crocodile and his best friend (and toothbrush) Pete, enjoy learning all about the wonders of Egypt at school.  The tale of the beautiful jewel, the  “Sacred Eye of Isis,” is particularly interesting to all the little crocodiles!  A field trip down the Nile to see the sights results in action and adventure as Bill & Pete foil the “Bad Guy” and save the jewel in comical, entertaining way.  dePaola’s sweet illustrations make this an entertaining introduction to Egypt. PB

agathamysteryThe Curse of the Pharaoh, Agatha: Girl of Mystery Book 1 by Steve Stevenson  – Join Agatha, a proud member of the eccentric Mistery family, as she and her trusted butler, Chandler, and her cat, Watson, head to Egypt to help her cousin Dash as he works to solve the mystery of a missing ancient tablet, which also happens to be his final exam assignment for the super-spy school he attends.  Join Agatha on an archaeological dig site with a cast of interesting characters, any of whom could be the thief!  ER-3/RA

tsbluescarabThea Stilton & The Blue Scarab Hunt a Geronimo Stilton Mystery Book 11- The Thea Sisters are off on an archaeological excavation in Egypt, but an ancient treasure, a mysterious blue scarab and sneaky thieves make for a non-stop adventure full of intrigue and action.   ER-3/RA

Flight of the Phoenix, Nathaniel Flood: Beastologist Book 1 by R.L. LaFevers – Nathaniel Flood’s parents are reported lost at sea and he’s sent to live with his Aunt Phil where he discovers the deeply held family secret – the Fnathanielfluddloods protect the mythological creatures of the world!  And now it is his turn to help!  Nathaniel, Aunt Phil and a gremlin named head to Arabia for his first adventure as a Beastologist – the hatching of a Phoenix.  Although he may be a novice, Nathaniel has the courage, ingenuity and kindness to take on this task. ER-2/RA

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by R.L. LaFevers – It’s the dawn of the 20th century and the recent archaeological discoveries in Egypt mean 11 year old Theo spends most of her time at the Museum of Legends and Antiquities in London, where her father is the head curator.  But ever her father doesn’t know that Theo is theodosiahyper-sensitive to the curses attached to the artifacts brought to London.  Using ancient dark magic Theo works to remove the curses and protect the artifacts and people she loves.  When her mother returns from Egypt with crates of artifacts, and their curses, Theo becomes entangled in an international spy ring and a plan to release the “Serpents of Chaos”  which could destroy the British Empire. The evil forces didn’t know what they were up against when a determined Theo decides to thwart their plans!  MR/RA

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