Going somewhere specific?
Take a look at books that can enhance your trip!

New York City, NY, USA – The city that never sleeps has plenty to see and do, and there are many books to enhance or guide your trip.  From museums, parks, and libraries, to food and lodging there is no limit of places to explore in the big apple!

Paris, France – The city of lights is full of culture, history, and art.  Classic or contemporary, historic or modern day, there are many books that you can add to your enjoyment of a visit to Paris.  Sightseeing, sampling the cuisine and partaking of the culture are just a page turn away!

Italy – From Rome to Florence, Sorrento to Sicily the regions of Italy are unique and diverse and so are the stories that inspire and educate!  Ciao!

Egypt – Something about the exotic history and culture of Egypt make it the perfect setting for stories of intrigue and mystery.  Whether riding a camel, sailing the Nile, or exploring a pyramid there are wonders to discovery on every page!

Las Vegas – Take a gamble and live like a high roller with these page turning Vegas tales.

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