Early Readers

Newly independent adventurers have the world at their fingertips, with great series in super-cool locations.

3rd grade detectivesThe Third-Grade Detectives are at it again! In The Mystery of the Stolen Statue, by George E. Stanley & Salvatore Murdocca, a trip to the art museum to see a statue of Joan of Arc goes awry when the statue is missing!  Who took it, and why?  The detectives are determined to help the museum director, Dr. Kirk, solve the crime, whether he wants their help or not.

Trip It: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY or  Louvre, Paris, France or your local art museum.

Do It: Create your own priceless statue out of clay or recyclables.


flatstanleyA beloved favorite since his original flattening in 1964, Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown tells of the adventures of a boy who is squashed by his bulletin board.  Stanley takes advantage of his pancake-like physique by sliding under doors and mailing himself to California.  But can Stanley help foil thieves who have been stealing paintings from the Famous Museum of Art?

Trip It: National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY or your local art museum.

Do It:  If you were flattened where would you go? Plan your trip to somewhere exotic and wonderful.  If you could mail yourself there what would you see, do, experience?  Create a dream trip plan.


katiekazoo12Katie Kazoo just can’t help but switch places, helping her to see the world from others point of view.  In No Bones About It, a class trip to the Natural History Museum turns troublesome when Katie’s classmates misbehave and she gets teased for being a “goodie-goodie”.  Will switching places with their strict tour guide, Mr. Weir, help Katie or will she cause chaos and cost Mr. Weir his job?  Katie needs to fix this quick!

Trip It: National Museum of Natural History, Washingon, DC or your local Natural History museum.

Do It: Choose your favorite exhibit and be the tour guide.  Plan out a tour for your friends and family!


zackfiles25Trapped in the Museum of Unnatural History  by Dan Greenburg is the 25th book in the Zack Files series and it has all the adventure and paranormal elements the series is known for.   On a class trip to the Rosencrantz Museum of Natural History Zack wonders if strange things happen when the lights go out at night.  When he gets locked inside he discovers what goes on in the dioramas after dark!

Trip It: Visit the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY or your local Natural History museum.

Do It: Create your own natural history diorama and then write a story about what happens at night when it comes to life!




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