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Marathon Musings*

*This post was written prior to October 26 – but published on Monday, October 27 due to some logistical difficulties*

Every once in a while I bite off more than I can chew.  Actually, I have a tendency to do this more often than I’d like to admit.  However, this time I’ve put all former instances to shame.  If all goes according to plan, the poorly thought out plan, this coming weekend I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.

I began running in earnest after the birth of my dearest middle daughter.  You see, when I was expecting HuskyGirl there was nothing I wouldn’t eat.  All total I gained a 4th grader, a whopping 72 lbs of awesome for a tiny little 8 lb baby.   Nearly a year later I realized that I was unhappy in the body I was living in.   When I sent my 2 year old upstairs to get a diaper for the baby because the thought of climbing the stairs was exhausting, and I’d be out of breath by the time I got up there – something is wrong here.  On Mother’s Day that year we participated in a family walk for the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.  As we walked, we watched the runners in the all women’s 5K.  I wanted so badly to be those women – strong, powerful, fit.  So I made a commitment.  Next year I was going to run that race.    I started “running”.  I’m not gonna lie.  It was really hard.  I was really hungry.  At first I couldn’t even make it to the end of my street.  But slowly, I kept at it.  I registered for a 5k (my first race) and ran it that August.  However, when Mother’s Day came around I found myself walking the family walk again, this time because I was 39 weeks pregnant with Weezy-Jean.   So the next year… I ran it.  And I was hooked.  In fact I’ve run it for 8 years now, the last several with Shakespeare and HuskyGirl by my side.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are lots of days (most) that I dread running.  But I can’t dispute the results.  I have more energy when I expend energy.  I am less cranky and less stressed when I run.  I feel good in my skinny jeans and can have that piece of cheesecake without guilt.

The best result of running?  The many examples I set for my girls.  Strong is beautiful and powerful.  Do the most with the body you’ve been given.   Hard work pays off.   One of my favorite parts of running, even races, is that I’m never in competition with anyone else. (I’m not even in the same league as those winning these races).   I love the idea of being in a sport where I’ll never win, but keep trying.  Where success is simply doing my best on that given day.

So now I find myself trying to fathom how I’ll do my best for approximately 5 hours (or more!).   When in doubt, I turn towards literature for inspiration.   I’ve put together this short list of books that will help readers of all ages experience the marathon – without having to take a single step.

marathonmouseMarathon Mouse by Amy Dixon shares the story of one special little mouse who wants to defy the odds and join the New York City Marathon.  Trouble is no one believes he should do it.   The mice of New York dread marathon day – all those feet rumbling past could crush a little mouse.  But Preston is inspired – so he secretly trains and joins the run. This endearing story covers all the steps of the marathon – from training, to the inspiring first miles, to hitting the wall, to the motivating joy of seeing your family cheering for you – and is a lovely way for little ones to share in the marathon experience. PB

gsmouseislandmarathonThe Mouse Island Marathon – Geronimo Stilton is at it again!  This time his friend, the famouse fitness buff Champ Strongpaws, has signed him up for a marathon!  With intense training Geronimo makes it to the starting line, but will he survive the race?  With determined spirit and friends and family to cheer him on Geronimo is sure to tackle any obstacle that arises during the 26.2 miles! MR-3/4

*PBP Note: In miles 20-23 Geronimo survives a sandstorm, gets attacked by a swarm of mosquitos, falls in a pond, rescues a child from a burning building, deals with an earthquake and ensuing tidal wave, finds a lost watch, reunites a lost child with his mother, and helps an injured runner to the aid station.  I would have been unable to survive any of these “mishaps” after mile 20 – and probably wouldn’t have noticed if my pants were on fire.  Just sayin’ Geronimo takes some liberties here!

tsbigtroubleinthebigappleThea Stilton: Big Trouble in the Big Apple – The Thea Sisters are at it again!  This time Nicky is running the Big Apple Marathon and the Thea Sisters are off to New York City to cheer her on.  Excitement is at every turn with a rival runner from Ratridge Academy causing trouble, and someone threatening Paula’s family’s restaurant.  Can the Thea sisters solve the mystery and will Nicky finish the marathon?  As with other Thea Sisters books this story is full of action and adventure, but also packed with amazing factual information about New York City and Marathon running.  MR-3/4

breatheanniebreatheBreathe, Annie, Breathe  Miranda Kenneally brings us the story of Annie, a soon to be marathon runner.  After her boyfriend dies in an accident, Annie tries to fulfill his dream of running the Nashville Music City Marathon to honor his memory and to ease her feelings of guilt.  Through the grueling training period Annie wrestles with a new crush, a shift in her outlook on life, and as she starts to feel again comes to terms with her grief.  YA-9th grade & up Contains strong language and sexual content

*PBP ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 26 in Washington DC.  It was too hot, too crowded, too windy and too long!  However, it was an incredible experience – inspiring and exhausting. I laughed, cried, made new friends, and learned a lot about myself. Check that off the bucket list!

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H is for….

Moving into a new house is an exciting new adventure, but none is more surprising than the discovery at…

The House on East 88th Street by Bernard Waber

The Primms are moving in to their new house on East 88th Street, and along with the usual hazards of a new house – like where to put the piano- is an unusual discovery.  There is a crocodile in their bathtub!  The Primms quickly discover that their crocodile is no ordinary lizard.  His name is Lyle and he is the well trained performance pet of Signor Valenti – who has left him in their care.  His love of turkish caviar aside, Lyle is a helpful pet who eagerly does chores and the Primms love him dearly.  But when Lyle’s skills make him famous will he have to leave the House on East 88th Street?  First published in 1962, this cute story will wow young readers and Lyle will become an important part of your family.

houseoneast88thstreetStart with the classic original story of Lyle and get to know his hometown of New York City, as he makes himself at home with the Primms at The House on East 88th Street.


lylelylecrocodileIn Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile a neighbor decides that Lyle shouldn’t live in The House on East 88th Street, but should be in the zoo.  It looks like Lyle will have no choice but to leave – until his heroics inspire a change of heart!

lylebirthdaypartyLyle and the Birthday Party  Oh, No!  Is Lyle sick?  Or is he feeling a bit down because he wants a birthday party, too?  How will Lyle deal with his new feelings of jealousy?  Will he be able to enjoy the party and find a way to be happy for his friend?

loveablelyleLovable Lyle There is no doubt that Lyle is a loveable crocodile, but suddenly Lyle starts getting mysterious mail and it is clear that someone doesn’t think Lyle is loveable at all.  No matter how he tries Lyle can’t convince Clover Sue Hipple and her mother that he’s a wonderful friend, until a trip to the beach shows them another side of Lyle that they learn to love.

lylefindshismotherLyle Finds His Mother
At the urging of his former employer, Hector P. Valenti, Lyle leaves the House on East 88th Street in search of his mother.

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G is for….

No matter where you go, or how old you are, bedtime is the perfect time for a book.

Good Night World by Adam Gamble & various authors/illustrators

This series of simple board books begin in the early morning in Spring, and with the turn of each page walk you through the day/year visiting the highlights of each location.  These adorable stories help the littlest readers re-visit (and remember) their favorite vacation spots.  With over 70 titles in the series you can find these wonderful travel souvenirs to complement almost any trip – from Israel to Ohio, San Diego to New Orleans.   Generic titles such as Good Night Lake, Good Night Zoo, and Good Night Beach provide a delightful complement to any excursion. PB

Check out the Good Night Our World series!

Here are some Paperback Pigeon Favorites….

goodnightmartha'svineyardGood Night Martha’s Vineyard by Megan Weeks Adams – All the favorites of the Vineyard are here!  From the Flying Horses Carousel to the beach to the wild turkeys.  Begin your trip with a Ferry ride and finish at the snow covered gazebo in Ocean Park.  In-between you can re-live all the highlights of your on Island vacation.

goodnightvermontGood Night Vermont by Michael Tougias –  Maple sugaring, mountain biking, and skiing take you through the seasons in Vermont.   Cross covered bridges and spot moose while hiking and camping, but don’t forget to pick up this lovely reminder of why Vermont is a beautiful place to visit all year ’round.

goodnightlosangelesGood Night Los Angeles by Adam Gamble – Tour LA and visit all the sights!  From movie stars in Hollywood to lifeguards on Venice Beach there is plenty to see in Los Angeles.  Take a walk past Grauman’s Chinese Theater and don’t forget to check out the stars on the walk of fame!

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E is for…

There is something magical, mysterious, and exciting about staying in a hotel.  But what if you lived there?  With the entire hotel to explore, your every whim taken care of, and room service just a phone call away it is sure to be an adventure every day!

Eloise by Kay Thompson

There is no more glamorous hotel residence than the classic Plaza hotel, right on Central Park in New York City.  Eloise, the Plaza’s most famous resident,  is at once endearing and terrorizing, ignored and adored, and full of confidence as she engages a cast of characters who work and reside with her.  With her pug Weenie, her turtle Skipperdee, and her champion and companion Nanny, Eloise takes charge!  Things don’t always go as planned for, as Eloise says, “After all I am only six”.    For a real life Eloise adventure check out the Plaza’s Family page to learn about the Eloise events or to stay in the Eloise Suite!  PB

eloiseEloise: A Book for Precocious Grown Ups is the original tale of the little girl at the top of the Plaza.  With distinctly darling drawings by Hilary Knight adults will delight in sharing this classic tale with their children during any hotel stay.

eloisechristmasEloise at Christmastime It’s the holidays at the Plaza and Eloise is determined to make sure everyone celebrates in true Eloise style.  A lovely complement to a trip to New York City at Christmastime.


eloisebawthEloise Takes a BawthWith Eloise nothing goes as planned, especially when you are taking a bath in the Plaza Hotel.  Enjoy this darling tale of a little girl who keeps everyone at the hotel on their toes and just one little drop out of the bath causes more trouble than you’d ever imagine.

eloiseparisEloise in Paris Bon Jour!  Eloise is leaving the Plaza and is ready to discover the City of Lights!  With Nanny by her side she is ready to do positively everything in Paris, with predictable Eloise results.



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What Happens in Vegas…..

My husband and I rarely go away without our kids, the occasional overnight to attend a wedding or reunion.  But last summer we took two nights in the Catskills, which was amazing, and made me realize how important it is for us to connect (meaning have a conversation that isn’t interrupted 15 times, watch a show not on Disney channel, or enjoy a meal where we don’t have to cut someones food into bite sized pieces – mind out of the gutter people!).  So this year we have a pretty big anniversary (please feel free to send crystal).  We decided to take a trip together to mark the occasion.  Actually I said “Honey, I’m going on a trip for our 15th wedding anniversary.  Please feel free to join me if you’d like, but either way I”m going away without the kids”.  He wisely chose to come with me.

So where to go?  As with any trip time, cost, and childcare are major considerations.  I selfishly like quantity of vacations, so we were planning our trip, but budgeting for a family trip later in the summer, too.  This ruled out Scotland and Morocco (my choices), and Norway (my husbands recent fascination – the poor man has been subjected to Frozen one time too many).  We tossed around US Virgin Islands, and domestic locations from Key West to Charleston.   Since my in-laws (bless them) are taking our kids for the entire week (did I mention bless them?)  we were checking flights out of NYC, Hartford and Boston, calculating car rental and scouring hotel options.  Then my parents offered to help us secure rooms in Vegas, as they visit there several times a year and had access to some great deals.  Deals that were tough to pass up when looking at the financial crunch of this trip.  So…We’re going to Vegas, baby!

At first thought Vegas isn’t a destination that comes to mind when I think of “kid-friendly” vacations, one of the reasons it was so appealing for our anniversary get-away. However, in recent years there has been a definite push to make it a more family oriented vacation locale.  “The Strip” has a themed hotel for every interest, a diverse “world tour” at your disposal.  And there are great books that can connect to all these locations.   I created this list of kid reads, and adult counterparts, for my (and your) next trip to the Vegas Strip.    You can check out location specific kid-reads on the Locations: Las Vegas page or Mom’s Bookshelf: Las Vegas if you want a Sin City themed grown-up read.   “TheVegas Strip” booklist below touches on select hotel resorts and complementary reads to enhance your experience.

lasvegas welcome sign

Start at the south end of the Strip at the Luxor.  It’s pyramid shape evokes the mystery and wonder of an ancient pharaoh’s tomb.  Kids will enjoy reading from the Locations: Egypt page.  For a beach read mystery grown-ups should try Crocodile on the Sandbank,APcrocodileonthesandbank the first book in the Amelia Peabody Series by Elizabeth Peters.  If a more literary historical novel is what you are looking for try twelveroomsofthenileThe Twelve Rooms of the Nile by Enid Shomer, an imagining of the friendship of Florence Nightingale’s and Gustave Flaubert, who both traveled down the Nile in 1850.

Make your way north to the Excalibur, and enter the age of knights and ladies. The Castle in the Attic (MR-4) by Elizabeth Winthrop is a classic castleintheattic for middle readers.  The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradleymistsofavalon is an adult retelling of the Arthurian legend from the point of view of the women at the heart of the tale, divulging their true influence and power over the legendary knights.

New York New York is a mini Big Apple!  Check out the New York City kid lit on Locations: New York.  To indulge in a more scandalous poolside read adults can check out Candice Bushnell’s  newest book One Fifth Avenue.  onefifthavenueFor a comprehensive historical immersion delve into Edward Rutherford’snewyork New York: The Novel,  a breathtaking historical-fiction saga that spans centuries.


The iconic Eiffel Tower marks the Paris Las Vegas.  Kids can read up on favorites like Madeline or make new friends on the Locations: Paris page.   pariswifeGrown-ups can embrace the 20’s literary ex-pat life with The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, putting you right in the center of the tumultuousparis life of Hemingway and his first wife during their time in Paris.  Looking for the novel that covers the history of Paris in-depth?  Edward Rutherford does it again with his newest tome Paris: The Novel.

The Flamingo is the oldest resort on the Strip still in operation, a throwback to the days when gangsters ruled Vegas and Hollywood glamour reignedflamingomoon supreme.   sylvieKids will enjoy Sylvie (PB) by Jennifer Sattler, about a curious flamingo that discovers her pink color comes from what she eats and experiments eating different things.  Flamingo Moon by Carolyn Holm is a poolside guilty pleasure read about mothers, daughters, growing up and discovering your true self.

Caesars Palace has the glory and pageantry of the Roman Empire.  Young readers can travel with Jack and Annie in the Magic Treehouse caesarswomenSeries #13, VMTHvacationunderthevolcanoacation Under the Volcano and explore the non-fiction companion Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #14: Ancient Rome and Pompeii (ER-1).  Colleen McCullough’s riveting tale of the women at the mercy of Caesar’s power is recounted in the adult read Caesar’s Women.

gstilton48veniceFlash forward in Italian history and cross the Strip to The Venetian where kids can solve a mystery and learn about Venice in midwifeofveniceGeronimo Stilton’s The Mystery in Venice (ER-3).  After a gondola ride take a look at the riveting life of The Midwife of Venice in Roberta Rich’s tale of a Jewish midwife in 17th century Venice.

howibecameapirateSwashbuckling pirates take to the high seas at Treasure Island. Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting (PB) is an endearing tale of  a mother’s enduring pirateboylove.  How I Became a Pirate (PB) is the story of a boy plucked from the beach and thrust into the world of princessescanbepiratestoopirates, as long as he’s back in time for soccer practice.  A charming story by Melinda Long.   Don’t forget that Princesses Can Be Pirates Too! as this picture book by Christi Zellerhoff reminds us!  For older readers try the treasureislandflintandsilverclassic Treasure Island (MR) by Robert Louis Stevenson.  For the story before the story adult readers can check out Flint and Silver: A Prequel to Treasure Island by John Drake.

At the north end of the Strip join in the fun at Circus Circus!  Add to the entertainment withshowmustgoon oliviasavesthecircusOlivia Saves the Circus by Ian Falconer (PB).   When all the performers are out sick with ear infections it is up to Olivia to take over, luckily she knows how to do it all in true Olivia style!  Kate Klise’s charming story of Sir Sidney’s Circus kicks off the Three-Ring Rascals series with The nightcircuswaterforelephantsShow Must Go On! (ER-3).   Adults can delve into a mature take on the circus in The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

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Patriotic Pigeon

This 4th of July head out to your local parade to watch boy scout troops, little leaguers and firetrucks make their way through town.  Toss a couple hot dogs on the grill, throw together a quick pasta salad, and slice up a watermelon. Enjoy an ice cream cone and when dusk falls load up on bug spray and watch a fireworks show.  Celebrate America’s birthday by checking out different perspectives on the founding of our nation in these patriotic reads. Or plan a trip where history happened by visiting the recommended sites beneath the booklist.

storyofamericasbirthdayThe Story of America’s Birthday by Patricia A. Pingry –  From the Declaration of Independence through the Revolutionary War, the basic text in this board book introduces the youngest readers to the reason for the 4th of July. PB

storyofgeorgewashingtonThe Story of George Washington  by Patricia A. Pingry- A simple board-book story that introduces the life of George Washington to the littlest readers. PB


georgewashingtongeneralsdogGeorge Washington and the General’s Dog by Frank Murphy – When General George Washington discovers a lost dog on the battlefield he works to return him to his owner.  This little known tale of George Washington’s love of animals will delight beginning readers.  ER-1


mthrevolutionarywaronwednesdayMagic Tree House #22: Revolutionary War on Wednesday  by Mary Pope Osbourne – Jack and Annie find themselves in General Washington’s Army during the turning point in the Revolutionarymthrgamericanrevolution War.  But will bad weather ruin the attack?  Find out how Jack and Annie keep history on track!  Also check out the American Revolution: A Nonfiction Companion to Revolutionary War on Wednesday (Magic Tree House Research Guide Series) for more cool facts about the Revolutionary War.  ER-1/2

justintimerescueindelawareThe Rescue Begins in Delaware by Cheri Pray Earl – It’s 1776 in Delaware and George and Gracie, who’ve traveled back in time to rescue their parents, become important players in the quest to get the Declaration of Independence signed.  ER-3/4



jmoodydeclaresindependenceJudy Moody Declares Independence by Megan McDonald – On a trip to Boston Judy gets Revolutionary fever and decides to declare her own independence!  By staging her own rebellion, as only Judy can, will she gain more rights and respect?  Or will her plan backfire? ER-3/4

georgewashingtonssocksGeorge Washington’s Socks  by Elvira Woodruff – Five friends travel back in time to the Battle of georgewashingtonsspyTrenton where they get a first hand lesson in the struggle for American independence and witness the true cost of freedom. Continue the adventure with the sequel George Washington’s Spy MR-4

mrrevereandiMr. Revere and I: Being an Account of certain Episodes in the Career of Paul Revere,Esq. as Revealed by his Horse by Robert Lawson – Get a first hand account of Paul Reveres’ Midnight Ride from someone who was there!  Told from the perspective of Scheherazade, the pony that made the infamous ride, this story gives new insight into one of the most iconic moments in our nation’s history. MR-4

sophiaswarSophia’s War: A Tale of the Revolution by Avi – Sophia, a patriot girl, witnesses the defeat of the Continental Army, the hanging of Nathan Hale, and must endure the occupation of her home, New York City by the British Army.  When she befriends a British soldier she almost loses sight of her dream of American independence, but tragic events bring his true nature to light.   With renewed dedication Sophia takes on the risky role of  patriot spy and finds herself an integral part of of the biggest betrayal in the new country’s history.  The occupation of New York City during the Revolution is brought to life through the unique perspective of a young girl.  MR-5

mybrothersamisdeadMy Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier –  Tim’s brother Sam joins the Revolutionary Army, but their father supports the British.  In this coming of age classic, Tim struggles with his political beliefs, personal loyalty, and what truly defines his character.  Set against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War Tim embarks on a journey filled with tragedy and heartbreak. Newbery Honor Book  MR-6

chainsChains by Laurie Halse Anderson – Isabel is a slave in British occupied New York City during the American Revolution.  When her Tory owners sell her sister, Ruth, and she befriends a fellow slave with ties to the patriots,forge Isabel realizes she will do whatever it takes to help the side that will give her the best chance at freedom.  A riveting perspective on the American fight for independence.  Scott O’Dell Award Winner for Historical Fiction, National Book Award Finalist.  Continue Isabel’s story with Forge. MR-6


Trip It:  Visit these locations and see the Revolutionary War come to life.

The Freedom Trail, Boston, MA – Walk the 2.5 mile route to see 16 historically significant sites from Revolutionary era Boston including the site of the Boston Massacre, Old North Church, Paul Revere House, Faneuil Hall, USS Constitution, and the Granary Burying Ground with the graves of John Hancock, Sam Adams and other notable Patriots.

Minute Man National Park, Lexington and Concord Battlefield, Lincoln, MA – Visit the site of the first battle of the Revolution.

Fraunces Tavern Museum, New York City, NY – Located in lower Manhattan this museum, housed in a building from 1719,  preserves and educates about New York City during Colonial and Revolutionary War times.

Valley Forge National Park, King of Prussia, PA – Site of the winter encampment of the Continental Army in 1777-1778.

Independence Hall National Park, Philadelphia, PA – The birthplace of America, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed.

National Archives, Washington, DC – Visit the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

Click It:

National Park Service American Revolution Website – Get information on all the National Park Sites.  Click on Revolutionary Parks  and Tour the Revolution to take a virtual tour of the Revolutionary era historic sites from Florida to Maine.


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A seaside Bed & Breakfast, a Park Avenue penthouse or the Holiday Inn – there is something wonderfully exhilarating about staying in a hotel. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose the penthouse over the chain motel any day of the week, but even the most modest (I’m talking affordable – not gross), can be an exciting adventure. I love walking into a freshly made room, setting up my suitcase and picking my side of the bed. Checking into a hotel feels like the jumping off point for an adventure.

Kids seem to  be particularly drawn to staying in hotels. There is a unique thrill about discovering where the ice machine is and filling the baggie lined bucket to the brim with square shaped cubes. My middle daughter particularly delights in collecting toiletriesthe “free” stuff – soaps, shower caps, pens and coffee packets. She does this to the point that we have often settled in only to realize that all the toiletries have already been confiscated – and we have to ask her to return them and wait until checkout to add to her collection. Lobbies hold a variety of wonders. Empty ballrooms are cavernous playgrounds. The breakfast is “the best ever” and the pool is “awesome”.

A hotel is the perfect setting for adventure, where a cast of characters are at the ready to see to your every need. Whether relaxing oceanside in Hawaii or just visiting grandma, the next time you check in, check out one of these great hotel reads.

Eloieloisese by Kay Thompson – What’s better than spending your vacation in a hotel? Living there!  And there is no more glamorous hotel residence than the classic Plaza hotel, right on Central Park in New York City.  Eloise is at once endearing and terrorizing, ignored and adored, and full of confidence as she engages a cast of characters who work and reside with her at the Plaza.  With her pug Weenie, her turtle Skipperdee and her champion and companion Nanny, Eloise takes charge!  Things don’t always go as planned for as Eloise says, “After all I am only six”.    For a real life Eloise adventure check out the Plaza’s Family page to learn about the Eloise events or to stay in the Eloise Suite!  PB

pipgrandhotelPip in the Grand Hotel by Johannes Hucke – A pet mouse on the loose leads to a frantic chase that takes the reader behind the scenes of a Grand Hotel!  Mary wants her mouse back, and the Manager wants the mouse OUT!  What follows are pages of vivid, eye-catching illustrations of a busy hotel at work, and play that will interest readers as they help search for the little rodent!  It all ends happily, with a celebration in the Grand Dining Salon. PB

hotellarryAt the Hotel Larry by Daniel Pinkwater – After Larry the Polar Bear saves a man’s life, he buys Larry a hotel as a reward.  They move into the hotel, and the daughter narrates this tale of Larry and his affinity for the basement pool.  But when Larry and the girl venture out for pancakes and a visit to the zoo (in disguise, of course) Larry meets up with his brother and invites the zoo polar bears back to the hotel for a swim and some fun! PB

elevatorfamilyThe Elevator Family by Douglas Evans – When the Wilson family finds that their San Francisco hotel doesn’t have any available rooms, they check in to the elevator for a three day stay.   Their entertaining vacation is full of “visits” by the colorful residents of the hotel.  Although their trip has its “ups…and downs,” they bring a new perspective and cheery attitude that is shared by all who encounter them.   A charming chapter book with a unique perspective on finding what matters in life.  ER-3/RA

gshotelishauntedThis Hotel Is Haunted! (Geronimo Stilton #50)– Another fun adventure with Geronimo!  This time he is trying to help save his childhood friends hotel from a ghost!  Geronimo knows that there is no such thing as ghosts, but things are getting scary.  With the help of his friend, detective Hercule Poirat, Geronimo is ready to get the scoop and stop the spook!  Written in the eye-catching style, and peppered with interesting facts about hotels, this clever, cool mystery will keep you guessing. ER-3/RA

floorsFloors: Book 1 by Patrick Carman – Leo loves the Whippet Hotel.  As the janitors son, Leo knows all the ins-and outs of the unique hotel, where nothing is quite what it seems and unusual is the normal.  But the hotel owner is missing, and  Leo is charged with solving a mystery that threatens the very existence of the Whippet Hotel.  Leo, his new friend Remi, a colorful cast of characters, and several ducks find that sometimes friendship and loyalty really can win out.  MR/RA

hocuspocusHocus Pocus Hotel by Michael Dahl – Charlie Hitchcock has a photographic memory and a problem. The middle school tough guy, Tyler Yu, wants to meet him after school.  Turns out Tyler isn’t always so tough, and he needs Charlie’s help.  The hotel Tyler’s family runs, The Abracadabra, was built by magicians and mysterious things are going on.  It’s up to Charlie and Tyler to figure what’s happening with the help of elevator operator Mr. Brack, who has a secret of his own.   Great for kids that love magic and mysteries! MR

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