Super Series


The bread and butter of the Early Reader is the series.  Series are perfect for young readers just learning their craft.  They provide familiar characters, and a sense of comfort, giving readers a chance to practice reading.  Yes, I said practice.  Reading is a skill, one that requires repetition to achieve perfection and success.   As adults, it is difficult to recall just how challenging learning to read actually is.    It shouldn’t be such a shock that series are so popular, or why early readers get “stuck” on a topic.

And older readers?  Series are fun.  It is exciting to see what happens as our favorite characters grow and change throughout the story arc of several books.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across as the Paperback Pigeon is that, in updating a location, I find that there are certain series that pop up on every page, in almost every major location across the globe.  So, although you will see them continue to appear on locations pages it made sense to create posts for some of the best globetrotting series, and compile them here – from Picture Book to Young Adult.

A Walk In…  – by Salvatore Rubbino (PB)

Agatha: Girl of Mystery – by Sir Steve Stevenson (ER)

39 Clues – by Rick Riordan & various authors (MR)

Century Quartet – by PD Baccalario (MR)