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I’m Julianne Westrich, a lifelong bibliophile, museum educator, wanna-be traveler, and mom of three girls.  Over the years my passion for great books melded with my career in non-traditional education.  As my children have grown I’ve created connections and extensions to the books we read together, and we choose books that enhance our travels.

At Paperback Pigeon you can expect to find recommendations for children’s books on a variety of reading levels with ideas to extend beyond the page with field-trips or at-home activities.  You can also find ideas for reading material for your child to enrich your next trip – whether you are going to Rome or just staying in a hotel while visiting Grandma!

When not reading and vacationing I try to sneak in a run- and juggle the busy schedules of my girls; doing a lot of driving (and listening to audiobooks).  Recently I embarked on a new adventure, returning to college to earn my Master’s Degree in Library Science.  I am focusing on School Librarianship and hope to find myself in an elementary library full time this coming fall.  

My life and my reading often revolve around my three daughters.  My eldest, Shakespeare, is a voracious reader and lover of the bard, Edgar Allan Poe, and most recently Anne Rice.   HuskyGirl, so dubbed for her obsessive love of Siberian Huskies and dogsledding, loves adventure stories and prefers books written from an animal point of view.  Weezy-Jean (nope, not even going to try to explain) is all girly-girl and, as a total extrovert, is my most reluctant reader. I really enjoy the challenge of finding books to engage and inspire her.

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  1. Pat

    Congrats, enjoyed reading your intro. You have an amazing collection of ideas, I am so glad you are sharing them.

  2. Catherine Ramirez

    Juli – you rocked this website and blog. I am going to Italy and Paris this summer and I now have some great reads to add to my travel books. Your girls are so lucky to have this connection with you and learn the love of adventurous travel through the imagination and creativity of these authors. You go girl! C

  3. Hello!
    Every once in awhile, I google my books to see if they’re going places I don’t know about. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see that you included my book, The Irish Dresser, in your reviews. Thank you! Hope in New York City is for the same age group and gets lost in the middle between the first book and my adult historical novel, Norah. Oh, I miss reading to my darling daughter, right up to age fourteen or so. She’s twenty-six now. I never said no to a book or a pet. The pet yeses I regret, but not the books. ~ Cynthia Neale

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