Philadelphia Freedom

We are taking a road-trip to Philadelphia!  The agenda includes the standard sights: Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Rocky Steps, and Reading Terminal Market.  While that’s all fantastic, the best part of this trip isn’t the sightseeing or even the food (gasp!) – it’s the people.  We are meeting up with a group of my dearest friends from college and their families.  There will be 34 of us – nearly half of whom are children ranging in age from 6 months to 14 years old – reuniting with the main goal of just hanging out together.   I’m not sure what to expect, except it will be amazing.  Ahead of us are two days filled with friends, food, history, laughter, beer, and ax throwing.   There may be a slight possibility of disaster, but I am choosing to only see the potential for greatness in this trip.

As a planner, organizer, and schedule keeper it is often a challenge to travel with others.   It’s a delicate balance juggling a large group, with different priorities and agendas.  In the past I’ve been so focused on my travel goals, while simultaneously trying to accommodate everyone,  that I’ve found group experiences often result in frustration and disappointment.   Whose disappointment? Usually just mine, since I’m the one with rigid expectations.  So thankfully, over time, I have learned to ease up a bit and embrace the journey rather than just the destination.   An important key to happy travel is determining the real purpose of your trip, and keeping it in mind as events transpire.   The purpose of this weekend is about the company we keep, and less about the sights.   For the first time, maybe ever, I have only a loose idea of what this weekend will involve – and all of that comes courtesy of the amazing Philly locals who are hosting this “jawn”.    Embracing the true purpose of this trip, and trusting others to guide the planning, was actually quite liberating.  Overall this weekend feels like exactly what it is supposed to be -an opportunity for my own version of Philadelphia freedom.

Check out the Philadelphia page in locations – if you simply must plan ahead!

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