Spring Break Lament


It is the back half of Spring Break.  The time when we are counting down the days rather than relishing the lazy mornings we have left.  And we didn’t travel.  Which is fine.  Actually lots of “to-do’s” around the house finally got taken care of, more than a year after we moved in.  So I ought to feel satisfied, accomplished.  Unfortunately, staring out the window (of my new improved “office”, one of those “to-do’s” no longer on the list), I am pretty depressed by the dank gloom of an extremely cloudy, rain filled day and yes, wishing I was somewhere else.  Anywhere.  It doesn’t help that Facebook is reminding me at every turn that friends and family are joyously embarked on adventures far and wide.  From sunny Florida, and a multitude of theme parks, to those pounding the pavement in NYC, I am envious of every one of them.  I’ve seen photos of the welcome signs of Spring that come early to the Mid-Atlantic region, caught glimpses of Mid-Western college visits, and felt my black heart shrivel with envy at the South-Western US road trip that included the Grand Canyon.  So what is a travel hungry, stuck at home in the rain, planner and reader to do?  My plan of attack is two-fold.  First, work on our next trip.  Luckily, it’s a big one – and requires lots of research to keep me occupied for a while.  Second, I’ll pick up a book about somewhere else.  As break winds down I intend to indulge in some pre-internet “virtual” travel and choose a book that will transport me to an exotic locale.   Perhaps I’ll be inspired to incorporate a themed music, art or a cooking project into these final days before returning to school.

Looking for a literary-fueled expedition?  Check out one of the books below, a random sampling for a variety of ages and reading levels, all of which are sure to provide at-home adventure.

tootandpuddletopworldTop Of The World: Toot & Puddle by Holly Hobbie –  Toot is missing!!! He went out for a walk and didn’t come back.  Now it is up to Puddle to break out of his comfort zone, leave Woodcock Pocket, and find Toot wherever he may be.  It is going to take a train, plane, bus and a lot of bravery but Puddle is determined to conquer his fears and find his friend because together they can do anything! PB

ab3Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #3: Road Trip by Herman Parish – Amelia and her family are off on an adventure!  And with Amelia it is sure to be filled with hilarious misunderstanding and fantastic hijinks.  Entertaining, funny, and perfect for those young readers who are ready to go “off to roam” – or is it “off to Rome?”  ER-2

snapSnap by Ellie Rollins –  Danya’s family is struggling financially and the only solution is to sell her pet pony, Sancho.  Danya refuses to let that happen!  Her solution? Head off with her best friend Pia and an epic jouney to reach her grandmother in Florida – who she is sure can solve all their problems.  For another road-trip adventure check out Rollins other book, Zip.  MR-3/4

13littleblueenvelopes13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson – Ginny loved her free-spirited Aunt Peg.  She was exciting, exotic and everything Ginny’s stable “normal” boring life longs to be.  Her sudden death leaves Ginny wondering if the life Aunt Peg lived was really all it seemed, and if anyone really knew her Aunt at all.  It seems Aunt Peg wants Ginny to find the answer to those questions in a most unusual way.  Her final gift to her 17 year-old niece is an envelope with $1000 and 13 little blue envelopes that will take Ginny across Europe on a voyage of discovery – where the person she might learn the most about is herself. YA

toutsweetTout Sweet: Hanging Up My High Heels for a New Life in France by Karen Wheeler – Karen’s seemingly perfect life – successful career, fashionable wardrobe, gorgeous boyfriend – takes a nose dive when said boyfriend breaks her heart.  Looking to reinvent herself and her life she moves from her high-end London flat to a run-down house in France.  Shockingly, not everything goes as planned and although she doesn’t exactly find her happy ending her comical and heartwrenching journey just might lead to happily every after.  MBS

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