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Recently my consumption of audiobooks has taken quite a hit in favor of a new listening option. I have become obsessed with the podcast – several specific ones actually. It started around the new year with the discovery of  NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, which introduced me to Overdue and my current obsession- The History Chicks.  I highly recommend you check out all of these podcasts – which are perfect for long drives, working out, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or any time you find yourself able to plug in headphones.

The History Chicks give short – approximately 1 hour – synopses of the lives of notable women in history.  I enjoy the feminist take as well as the opportunity to fill in gaps in my knowledge.  I am particularly partial to the way they end their show, with suggestions for books, movies and television shows that complement the topic.   I’m slowly plodding my way through the back episodes and just yesterday I caught the one dedicated to Hatshepsut, the Egyptian “King” (Queen? he/she?)  who reigned more than a 1,000 years before Cleopatra.   Not only did the podcast give me a great insight into the life of Hatshepsut, about whom I knew absolutely nothing, but it got me thinking about one of my absolute favorite series of all time – the Amelia Peabody Mysteries.

The Amelia Peabody mysteries, written by Elizabeth Peters (Barbara Mertz), follow intrepid, accidental explorer Amelia as she breaks free of her rigid British upbringing and traverses the Egyptian landscape in search of adventure and intrigue.

apcrocodileCrocodile on the Sandbank Meet Amelia Peabody, a proper British lady on the cusp of spinsterhood who’s newly awarded inheritance enables her to travel and indulge her interest in Egyptology.  It is 1884, and Amelia is drawn to the exotic world of historic Egypt- and the freedom she hopes to find from the stifling expectations of her upbringing.   She wasn’t expecting to encounter tomb raiders, kidnapping plots or Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson – perhaps the most frustrating man she’s ever met! MBS

Follow Amelia’s adventures at the forefront of the international archaeological excavations of Egypt in the late 19th and early 20th century and the ensuing quest for fame and fortune as factions battle it out it the search for antiquity.   Even encounters with murder, mummies and mayhem won’t interfere with the progress of the unflappable Amelia Peabody.  Pick up one of the 20 novels in the series and enjoy a well-written historical adventure.

For great children’s books on Egypt check out the PBP page on Egypt.


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  1. Digby

    not history related, but if you’re digging podcasts, you must listen to Serial, season 1.

    • paperbackpigeon@gmail.com

      Not sure I am emotionally ready for that – but have heard nothing but amazing things about Serial!

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