Z is for….

How do you hang on to the past?

Zip by Ellie Rollins

zipLyssa’s mother was magic.  Everything had just a little more sparkle when she was around.  But Lyssa’s mom died, and the magic went with her.  Now Lyssa is stuck in a new town, in a new state, in a new house, with a stepfather she barely knows and no matter what she does there just doesn’t seem to be a way to bring the magic back into her life.  When she learns her old house in Texas is about to be destroyed there is only one thing for Lyssa to do – she hops on her scooter and zips her way across the country to the one place that still holds the memories and, hopefully, the magic of the time with her mother.  Along the way she meets a cast of characters that help her learn about who she was, and who she wants to be.  Lyssa’s search for home leads her exactly where she belongs.

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