X is for….

She’s just a little old lady here to take care of three kids, or is she?

Nanny X by Madelyn Rosenberg

When your new nanny arrives wearing a motorcycle jacket, mirrored sunglasses..and a flowered hat?  it’s hard to know what to think.  One thing is clear Nanny X isn’t what she seems! (MR-3/4)

nannyxAlison doesn’t want a new nanny.  She doesn’t want any nanny.  All she wants is for her mom to stay home with her, her brother Jake and baby sister Eliza, instead of returning to work as a lawyer.  Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen and when her mother arranges for Nanny X to take care of them Ali & Jack couldn’t be more surprised by her appearance, or her behavior.  It becomes clear pretty quickly that something sinister is going on.  Nanny X has a secret identity as part of of the Nanny Action Patrol (NAP) – a society of crime stopping secret agents who go undercover as caregivers – and it’s up to Ali & Jake help Nanny X recover stolen diamonds!  Ali & Jake take turns alternating as narrators for a fun story from multiple perspectives.

nannyxreturnsNanny X Returns She’s back for another adventure!  When Nanny X takes Ali, Jake and baby Eliza on a fishing adventure things definitely turn…fishy!  Robotic animals, a baby-wipe thief, and a mysterious character known as The Angler mean another exciting mystery full of humor and adventure.  This time the very fate of our national security could be on the line!  Return to the hilarious world of the Nanny Action Patrol with Ali & Jake.

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