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Two pig pals – one wants to explore the world and one prefers to stay home.

Toot (& Puddle) by Hollie Hobbie

A globe-trotter and a contented homebody are the best of friends.  One is always off indulging his passion for travel and the other is happily having a delightful time in his own backyard.  Toot and Puddle’s friendship endures despite their differences and each learns to appreciate the other’s way of life, proving there is a perfect place for everyone to call home. (PB)

tootandpuddleToot & Puddle  In a small house in Woodcock Pocket, Toot and Puddle live happily together.  Until Toot decides it is time to see the world and travel around the globe.  Puddle, however, prefers the quiet life of home.  This delightful picture book travels through a year, each month highlighting Toot’s adventures in exotic locations, as communicated via postcard to Puddle.  The facing page tells of Puddle’s exciting year at home, with all the seasonal joys to look forward to in your own backyard.  This lovely tale equally appreciates the wanderer and homebody in all of us.  A Paperback Pigeon All-Time Top 10 Favorite!

topoftheworldTop of the World   Toot’s wanderlust has gotten the better of him again!  When he doesn’t return in a timely manner from a walk, Puddle decides the only thing to do is to go after his dear friend.  Although traveling the world is out of his comfort zone, Puddle embarks on a journey of the utmost importance – the journey to find his very best friend.  Will he find Toot and when he does can he convince him to return home?

homeforchristmasI’ll Be Home for Christmas Toot is attending a family reunion in Scotland, but promises to make it home to Woodcock Pocket for Christmas.  Unfortunately a series of delays cause Toot to make some detours where he finds himself discovering the true spirit of the season.  Will he make it home in time to celebrate with Puddle?  With a little luck and some help from a very special friend, Toot finds his way home for Christmas

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