B-12!  Free Space!  4 Corners!  BINGO!   This past summer we discovered how fun it is to play Bingo. Our local VFW hall hosts the game every Wednesday night, and they pack ’em in!  For less than the cost of a movie, you get 2 hours of serious Bingo.  Snacks are available for purchase, but they encourage a bring-your-own policy for candy, popcorn and soda.  When play starts, it’s time to quiet down and concentrate, and it’s amazing how focused a group of kids can be when a win is on the line.   We’ve had some luck and won a couple games, but more than anything it is just good, old-fashioned fun – supporting the VFW, and hanging out with family and friends.  Since it is break week, and bedtimes are a little more lax, we headed to Bingo this past week, hoping for a win, but knowing we’ll have fun.


Playing off our new found love of BINGO I made “Reading Bingo” boards for my girls.  There are many options available online, but I personalized them to support each child at their reading level while making sure its still fun.  This is a great way to motivate summer reading, but would work as a year-long goal, too.  I haven’t decided yet what the prizes will be, some will be reading oriented – a new bookmark or a giftcard to the bookstore.  Others might be purely fun -an ice cream cone or a trip to the zoo.   Check out the BINGO boards for each reading level below and feel free to print and use them – or amend and alter them to fit your ultimate BINGO reading challenge!

PBP Picture Book Bingo – Perfect for any age, but especially geared for pre-readers to complete along with adult help

PBP Early Reader Bingo – Modified for newly independent readers

PBP Middle Reader Bingo – A little more challenge and diversity

PBP Young Adult Reader Bingo – Allows for independent reading choices & encourages reading diversity

BP Mom’s Bookshelf Bingo – Even grown-up readers can play!


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  1. I just wanted to pop back here to say thanks for the PDF resources. I trialled the picture book bingo out on my 4-5 year olds and they loved it. Massive hit with the middle readers one too on my 7-8 to group.


      So glad you enjoyed them! They’ve been a huge motivator to get my summer readers to expand their horizons 🙂 Read on!

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