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There is never a dull moment with

Olivia by Ian Falconer

Olivia is a little pig with big personality.  From the moment she wakes up until her third bedtime story she never stops moving, and learning, as she explores her world in typical energetic pre-schooler manner.  Although it’s become a tv series and spawned a variety of early-reader and board books, the first Olivia stories are modern classics that entertain young readers , introducing them to art and culture along the way. PB

*A Paperback Pigeon All-Time Top 10 Favorite*

oliviaOlivia – Meet Olivia as she sings, dances, dresses up, and discovers the world as only this curious, adventurous little pig can.  Even when it lands her in time-out, she’s ready to take every opportunity available to explore her world first hand.  Whether creating her own Jackson Pollack on the wall, or dancing like Degas‘ Dancers, Olivia is ready to try it all – after she moves the cat.

oliviasavesthecircusOlivia Saves the Circus –  When all the circus performers are sick with ear infections it is time for Olivia to take over.  And she can do it all!  Whether taming lions or swinging on the trapeze Olivia proves she has what it takes to be a great leader, all she needs is a little imagination!


oliviaandthemssingtoyOlivia . . . and the Missing Toy – When Olivia’s most favorite toy can’t be found anywhere it is up to her to tackle the things that go bump in the night to get her dearest treasure back.  In true Olivia style, she handles this problem with pluck and saves the day!


oliviaformsabandOlivia Forms a Band – If there are fireworks, there will be a band – at least according to Olivia.  But what will our determined heroine do when she learns there isn’t going to be a band?  Create one of course!  Olivia takes matters into her own hands and puts together a one-pig band to provide the perfect accompaniment for the fireworks show.

oliviahelpswithchristmasOlivia Helps with Christmas – It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Olivia is super busy making sure everything gets done right!  In true Olivia style she guarantees that all the details will be perfect for a Christmas to remember.


oliviagoestoveniceOlivia Goes to Venice – Olivia and her family are off to visit Venice and as usual, hilarity and adventure are at every turn.  Delightfully detailed with photography and art work to introduce young readers to this spectacular Italian city as seen through Olivia’s unique perspective.


oliviafairyprincessesOlivia and the Fairy Princesses – Olivia has never followed the crowd, but she’s feeling overwhelmed by too many sparkly and frilly princesses and she just wants to stand out!  Discover how Olivia stays true to herself and maintains her individuality.


oliviacollectionJust one Olivia story isn’t enough!  Get all 7 classic Olivia stories in The Olivia Collection.

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