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Libraries are the ticket to wondrous worlds.  Even if you never get on a plane, pack the car, or hop on the next train you can visit the world, both real and imaginary, in the stacks of a library.  Many children are first introduced to the unlimited magic of the library at storytime.  Captivated kids hang on every word the librarians read, and they always know the best books to share.  On your next visit to library pick up this all-ages read-aloud because, no matter how old you are you never out grow the library and, everyone loves storytime, especially…..

Library Lion by Michele Knudsen

librarylionThis is a charming tale of a special lion who comes to the library and is allowed to stay as long as he follows the rules.  The Library Lion soon becomes an indispensable helper to the head librarian and a welcome presence in the library.  But when he breaks a rule everyone at the library learns that sometimes rules need to be broken to help a friend. (PB)

nycpubiclibrary lionsThe New York Public Library branch on 5th Avenue & 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY is the home to two lion sculptures that welcome visitors.  Their names are Patience & Fortitude and have become the symbol of the New York Public Library System.


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