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What if you could travel through time and witness – or even help at – the great events in American History?  Would you do it?  What if your parents’ fate depended on it?

Just in Time by Cheri Pray Earl & Carol Lynch Williams

Nine year-old twins Gracie and George just want their parents back, but they are trapped in time!  When the siblings discovery the antiques their parents have collected were stolen from history Gracie and George realize the only way for their mom and dad to come home is for the twins to travel in time themselves and return the items to their rightful historical period.  Beginning in Delaware, the first state, and moving through each state in order of admission to the United States,  the Just in Time series takes upper elementary readers right into the action of some of the most exciting events in American History. (MR-4)

justintimerescueindelawareThe Rescue Begins in Delaware – All Gracie and George want is to return sn antique school desk and look for their parents.   Instead they discover a small glitch in their time travel – when they go back in time one of them becomes an animal! Suddenly they find themselves helping Caesar Rodney make his way to Philadelphia to vote on the Declaration of Independence.   Will they make it in time, or will American History be changed forever.  Where are their parents?  What does the sinister character Crowe have to do with this?  And, most importantly, will Gracie be a horse forever?

justintimesweetsecretsinpennSweet Secrets in Pennsylvania – George and Gracie travel to 1907 where they meet Milton Hershey!  He invites them to help be chocolate testers at his factory – what could be better?  But the kids still need to return an antique rug, outwit Crowe, and foil a plot to steal Mr. Hershey’s secret, perfect chocolate recipe.  Adventure, danger and deliciousness at every turn!

justintimewizardofmenloparkWizard of Menlo Park, New Jersey – When George and Gracie find themselves in Thomas Edison’s laboratory they are amazed at his incredible inventions.  But they are stunned to discover that he has also invented a time machine!  And when Crowe enters the lab – not the Crowe they know, but a younger version – they realize he might destroy the machine and any chance George and Gracie have of getting home to their own time!

justintimedangerousdayingeorgeA Dangerous Day in Georgia– The discovery of a note from their parents leads George and Gracie to St. Simons Island, Georgia during World War II.  They need to return a bike to the bike shop, but it is closed!  If they wait one more day they are sure to run into danger, as the note predicts, and Crowe,who is still following them, will have a chance to catch up and destroy the time machine.

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