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Moving into a new house is an exciting new adventure, but none is more surprising than the discovery at…

The House on East 88th Street by Bernard Waber

The Primms are moving in to their new house on East 88th Street, and along with the usual hazards of a new house – like where to put the piano- is an unusual discovery.  There is a crocodile in their bathtub!  The Primms quickly discover that their crocodile is no ordinary lizard.  His name is Lyle and he is the well trained performance pet of Signor Valenti – who has left him in their care.  His love of turkish caviar aside, Lyle is a helpful pet who eagerly does chores and the Primms love him dearly.  But when Lyle’s skills make him famous will he have to leave the House on East 88th Street?  First published in 1962, this cute story will wow young readers and Lyle will become an important part of your family.

houseoneast88thstreetStart with the classic original story of Lyle and get to know his hometown of New York City, as he makes himself at home with the Primms at The House on East 88th Street.


lylelylecrocodileIn Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile a neighbor decides that Lyle shouldn’t live in The House on East 88th Street, but should be in the zoo.  It looks like Lyle will have no choice but to leave – until his heroics inspire a change of heart!

lylebirthdaypartyLyle and the Birthday Party  Oh, No!  Is Lyle sick?  Or is he feeling a bit down because he wants a birthday party, too?  How will Lyle deal with his new feelings of jealousy?  Will he be able to enjoy the party and find a way to be happy for his friend?

loveablelyleLovable Lyle There is no doubt that Lyle is a loveable crocodile, but suddenly Lyle starts getting mysterious mail and it is clear that someone doesn’t think Lyle is loveable at all.  No matter how he tries Lyle can’t convince Clover Sue Hipple and her mother that he’s a wonderful friend, until a trip to the beach shows them another side of Lyle that they learn to love.

lylefindshismotherLyle Finds His Mother
At the urging of his former employer, Hector P. Valenti, Lyle leaves the House on East 88th Street in search of his mother.

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