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There is nothing more frustrating than being ordinary in a family that’s world-record holding extraordinary.

The Fantastic Family Whipple by Matthew Ward

The Whipple family holds thousands of hilarious world records, but poor Arthur can’t even get one record.  Unlike his twelve siblings he just can’t make his mark.  But the time has come for Arthur to prove himself, and rescue his family and their records! MR-4/5

fantasticfamilywhippleThe Fantastic Family Whipple The first adventure of Arthur and his World Record holding family.  When the Whipple family finds themselves cursed and losing out on their World Records it is up to Arthur to figure out how to break the curse, restore his family to their glory, and make his own mark.   This ridiculous and hilarious tale is fast paced and a little absurd, keeping you on your toes, while learning about finding your own place in the world, records or not.

Wawaroftheworldswhippler of the World Records (publication date December 4, 2014)  The cliffhanger picks up just as the World Record World Championships are about to take place.   Arthur and his friend Ruby have to put all their detective skills to the test to solve the mysterious happenings and keep their families from starting an all out war over World Records.

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