A seaside Bed & Breakfast, a Park Avenue penthouse or the Holiday Inn – there is something wonderfully exhilarating about staying in a hotel. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose the penthouse over the chain motel any day of the week, but even the most modest (I’m talking affordable – not gross), can be an exciting adventure. I love walking into a freshly made room, setting up my suitcase and picking my side of the bed. Checking into a hotel feels like the jumping off point for an adventure.

Kids seem to  be particularly drawn to staying in hotels. There is a unique thrill about discovering where the ice machine is and filling the baggie lined bucket to the brim with square shaped cubes. My middle daughter particularly delights in collecting toiletriesthe “free” stuff – soaps, shower caps, pens and coffee packets. She does this to the point that we have often settled in only to realize that all the toiletries have already been confiscated – and we have to ask her to return them and wait until checkout to add to her collection. Lobbies hold a variety of wonders. Empty ballrooms are cavernous playgrounds. The breakfast is “the best ever” and the pool is “awesome”.

A hotel is the perfect setting for adventure, where a cast of characters are at the ready to see to your every need. Whether relaxing oceanside in Hawaii or just visiting grandma, the next time you check in, check out one of these great hotel reads.

Eloieloisese by Kay Thompson – What’s better than spending your vacation in a hotel? Living there!  And there is no more glamorous hotel residence than the classic Plaza hotel, right on Central Park in New York City.  Eloise is at once endearing and terrorizing, ignored and adored, and full of confidence as she engages a cast of characters who work and reside with her at the Plaza.  With her pug Weenie, her turtle Skipperdee and her champion and companion Nanny, Eloise takes charge!  Things don’t always go as planned for as Eloise says, “After all I am only six”.    For a real life Eloise adventure check out the Plaza’s Family page to learn about the Eloise events or to stay in the Eloise Suite!  PB

pipgrandhotelPip in the Grand Hotel by Johannes Hucke – A pet mouse on the loose leads to a frantic chase that takes the reader behind the scenes of a Grand Hotel!  Mary wants her mouse back, and the Manager wants the mouse OUT!  What follows are pages of vivid, eye-catching illustrations of a busy hotel at work, and play that will interest readers as they help search for the little rodent!  It all ends happily, with a celebration in the Grand Dining Salon. PB

hotellarryAt the Hotel Larry by Daniel Pinkwater – After Larry the Polar Bear saves a man’s life, he buys Larry a hotel as a reward.  They move into the hotel, and the daughter narrates this tale of Larry and his affinity for the basement pool.  But when Larry and the girl venture out for pancakes and a visit to the zoo (in disguise, of course) Larry meets up with his brother and invites the zoo polar bears back to the hotel for a swim and some fun! PB

elevatorfamilyThe Elevator Family by Douglas Evans – When the Wilson family finds that their San Francisco hotel doesn’t have any available rooms, they check in to the elevator for a three day stay.   Their entertaining vacation is full of “visits” by the colorful residents of the hotel.  Although their trip has its “ups…and downs,” they bring a new perspective and cheery attitude that is shared by all who encounter them.   A charming chapter book with a unique perspective on finding what matters in life.  ER-3/RA

gshotelishauntedThis Hotel Is Haunted! (Geronimo Stilton #50)– Another fun adventure with Geronimo!  This time he is trying to help save his childhood friends hotel from a ghost!  Geronimo knows that there is no such thing as ghosts, but things are getting scary.  With the help of his friend, detective Hercule Poirat, Geronimo is ready to get the scoop and stop the spook!  Written in the eye-catching style, and peppered with interesting facts about hotels, this clever, cool mystery will keep you guessing. ER-3/RA

floorsFloors: Book 1 by Patrick Carman – Leo loves the Whippet Hotel.  As the janitors son, Leo knows all the ins-and outs of the unique hotel, where nothing is quite what it seems and unusual is the normal.  But the hotel owner is missing, and  Leo is charged with solving a mystery that threatens the very existence of the Whippet Hotel.  Leo, his new friend Remi, a colorful cast of characters, and several ducks find that sometimes friendship and loyalty really can win out.  MR/RA

hocuspocusHocus Pocus Hotel by Michael Dahl – Charlie Hitchcock has a photographic memory and a problem. The middle school tough guy, Tyler Yu, wants to meet him after school.  Turns out Tyler isn’t always so tough, and he needs Charlie’s help.  The hotel Tyler’s family runs, The Abracadabra, was built by magicians and mysterious things are going on.  It’s up to Charlie and Tyler to figure what’s happening with the help of elevator operator Mr. Brack, who has a secret of his own.   Great for kids that love magic and mysteries! MR

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